Firefly Room

Ages 18 months-Young Twos

Yellow Bee Room

Ages 2.0-3.0 years


The Firefly and Bee Classes are very special programs. We believe children learn best through play and hands on experiences, so we sing, read, play games, make believe, color, paint, and glue. Through every activity we are learning as we follow our theme based curriculum. We want our children to love coming to school, to feel comfortable separating from their parents, to develop good listening skills, to be self confident, independent, and able to get along with others. We want them to love learning. Through everything we do we are on our way to reaching these goals.

Our young preschoolers enjoy using their senses and motor skills to explore the world and are highly curious about objects and things happening around them. Their language skills are growing rapidly and this is an important time in the development of the pre-reading and writing skills.  


We realize that our Bees and Fireflies are unique from the other programs here at Franklin Academy.  These young learners have different needs and can be a bit more complex, therefore the staff has different expectations.  Please know that each child is treated as an individual and will be nurtured to develop at their speed and level.  We know that for many of them, this is their first experience away from a parent or family member.  We want the school experience to be positive and joyful.  We want to be delicate and caring as we ease them into things like transitions, social activities with other children, balancing active and quiet time and activities, and eating lunch as a part of a group.



  • Curriculum activities deliberately designed to help your child develop his/her attention system

  • Activities focused on observation and facilitating the interest and discovery of the child


  • Curriculum activities  designed to help your child bond and develop a sense of safety and security

  • Supportive care giving to enable the child's development of self-worth and meet individualized needs


  • Language incorporated into all learning activities to encourage children’s vocabulary development

  • Responsive care and observation to adapt the learning environment to the interest of the child

  • Literature used on a daily basis to open the child’s mind and imagination and develop vocabulary

Green Caterpillar Room


Ages 3.0-3.7 years


The curriculum in the classroom is play based, but there is a lot of learning going on. The activities provided are all developmentally appropriate for the children, as well as unit based. Each unit follows a specific theme.


These themes are used to emphasize letters, numbers, shapes, colors, sorting, classifying, motor skills, and social skills. We want to provide the children with the opportunity to learn to love school, to feel safe and secure, and to just be happy while they are here.


The "Academics" curriculum focuses on the following concepts:

  • Literacy

  • Vocabulary

  • Comprehension

  • Phonemic Awareness

  • Concepts of Print

  • Phonics

  • Emergent Writing



  • Counting & Number Skills

  • Geometry

  • Sorting/Classifying

  • Measurements

  • Patterning


The "Behavior" curriculum focuses on the following concepts:

  • Character Development

  • Pro Social Behavior

  • Taking Turns

  • Sharing

  • Empathy

  • Respect


Everyday Living

  • Personal Safety

  • Self-Help Skills

Blue Butterfly Room


Ages 3.8-4.5 years (not attending kindergarten in the fall)

The Blue Butterfly class is a four year old class with the focus on learning through play. Lessons are theme related and changed bi-weekly. We keep our routine the same each day so the children will feel comfortable with what is "familiar" to them.


Helping children feel good about themselves is a strong focus in the Butterfly Room. We teach them to be independent, kind, and responsible. These are all good lessons for children as well as adults!

(We try to keep the children between six and eight months of the same age in classrooms, but it may vary from year to year based on enrollment.)

Red Ladybug Room


Ages 4-5 years (attending kindergarten in the fall)

The Red Ladybug class is our Junior Kindergarten class. The children in this classroom are four and a half to five years old. The children are given a "gift of time" in order to prepare for kindergarten the following year.


The curriculum is theme related, which changes every one to two weeks. The children work at learning centers throughout the classroom that relate to the theme. Within the learning centers, the children will be working on academic skills such as math, science, writing, and pre-reading.

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