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If you’re looking for everything under one umbrella, Franklin is your answer.  We know how busy life is and we have a program that can fill your needs.

Franklin Academy offers a unique preschool experience that incorporates both the cognitive and physical experiences we know are needed to bring up a well-rounded, well-educated child. Because we are part of the Franklin Athletic Club, we can provide certified, experienced teachers as well as a complete enrichment program to meet the needs of the whole family.

Our mornings are spent in the classroom learning the academic and social skills needed to get your child ready for their elementary school career. Our afternoons provide the children with enrichment classes that promote both academic and physical experiences.


It is our goal to be positive partners in your child’s education and we know that home to school communication will be an important part of developing a rewarding year for your child. Each classroom is equipped with an iPad for communications through the Preschool 2 Me App.

Preschool 2 Me is a parent app that can be downloaded to any device. It allows our parents to see updates from the day in real-time as teachers share pictures of activities throughout the day. Preschool 2 Me will also be used for lesson plan sharing, class newsletters, and management communication.


Heading 5
Preschool Program

Preschool is an important component to a child’s development and overall education.  There is enormous social, conceptual, emotional, linguistic, and motor growth during the first five years of a person’s life. 


The Preschool Program at Franklin Academy has been created to nurture the development of our young students.  We strive to create an environment which is stimulating and challenging but allows individual creativity and development.

Franklin Academy believes that children go through similar stages of development, but at individual rates.  They learn through their senses (seeing, hearing, touching, tasting, and smelling).
Active involvements such as exploring, playing, manipulating, and problem solving are experiences we strive to provide to our children.  Because they learn through these experiences, the value of play is cherished and encouraged.  Through the mixture of play and guided lessons, children create their own meaning and learning patterns.

Sample Day

A day in the life of a Franklin Academy student.

9:00      Children report to their classroom

9:15      Group assembly with the teacher to               discuss the day's plans

9:20      Circle Time (ie: weather, calendar,

            color of the week, letter of the day)

9:30      Directed Center Activity

9:50      Snack

10:00     Outside play time (or gym time if                   weather is not cooperative)        

10:30     Story time

10:50     Morning Enrichment class

11:15     Lunch/Restroom

11:45     Nap/Quiet time

1:15      Afternoon Enrichment class

1:45      Special Activity

2:15      Recess

2:50      Class Activity

3:00      Pack up/Dismissal

Academic Enrichment

Our enrichment program is one thing that sets us apart!  Because we are part of the Franklin Athletic Club, we can offer your child things no other preschool can. We have full access to the Club facilities and our classes are taught by professionals in their field.


Just think, you could enroll your child in Franklin Academy and they could take tennis, art, yoga, gymnastics, music, sports, science! Once you pick your child up from school, you are free to go home and enjoy your family. We have done all the extracurricular activities here at Franklin!


Our science instruction is designed to spark curiosity in your young scientist. Students will enjoy experiments that will answer age old questions such as will it sink or float? What happens when you plant a seed? Where does rain come from? All while having a great time with hands on learning.


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